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Omega 96 and 65

May 27, 2023

The a16 relies on a premium prir, which is a must

It’s hard to find a good studio to record yourself

Buy a premium prir, which is a very good choice

John is very professional and warm-hearted

Thank you very much for your help

Song L - China


February 12, 2023

I bought the prir omega and frankly it’s great. the spectrum is excellent and very good bass. the spatialization is excellent too. THANKS.

J’ai acheté le prir omega et franchement c’est genial. le spectre est exelent et de tres bonne basse. la spacialisation est exelente aussi. merci.

Jerome83 - France

Omega 65 & 96: The Best PRIR Money Can Buy

December 7, 2022

I have been messing with both the 65 and 96 for maybe three weeks or so. I have tried every type of content with them including: movies with an Atmos track, non-atoms movies that I upmixed using Auro3D, Atmos music, unmixed non-Atmos music, and PC/console games. The Omega handles all of those exceptionally well. I honestly can’t really find a flaw in anything I tried. The bass is great, the channel separation is spot on, and the clarity of everything is very good. I think that in the way of generic PRIRs, the Omega is truly endgame. For reference I also have purchased the Focal and Dutch & Dutch previously, both of which have also been great, but I think that the Omega is going to be the one that I use for everything from now on. I am someone who seems to be lucky enough to have a similar HRTF to John as I hear an amazing surround effect from his generic files. I find myself preferring the 96, but the 65 is a very close second. Would very much suggest at least trying the available demos, because it is I believe the best A16 experience you can get without having a custom made PRIR done.


Excellent In-Person-PRIR recording service!

August 28, 2022

I discovered 3dsoundshop a year ago after I received my Smyth Realiser A16. I was looking for better sounding Atmos rooms so I bought the Genelec Universal PRIR and really loved the sound. It got me interested in recording an In-Person PRIR. I got in contact with John at 3dsoundshop who put me on a waiting list. I finally got an appointment in July to record a PRIR with support for both Atmos 12.1.10 and Auro 3D 13.1.

The recording session was impressive, conducted in a music studio with acoustic treatment with John adjusting the speaker to the exact angle / distance / height for each virtual channel, verifying that the microphones were correctly adjusted in my ears. The process took some time ( approximately 5 hours) as the virtual speakers were recorded 2 by 2. I also brought my headphones to the studio to create an HPEQ during the same session. John was very professional, patient and friendly. It was clear that he knew what he was doing and that he did it many times before.

The result is a custom PRIR with a much improved 3D soundstage to my ears. I love it and I highly recommend getting an In-Person PRIR with 3dsoundshop if you can afford it. The improvements to the sound are much greater than I had expected!


Olivier - France

3D Soundhop In-house Calibration Services

August 16, 2022

John is incredible! Extremely passionate about his work.

With the second round of in-house calibration services completed, the results are astonishing! Even the bass is reproduced nicely. It’s really amazing that this unit can reproduce 22 speakers. Obviously, my room sounds better live, but to have the ability to travel to a different location (Apartment) and reproduce the sound of my theater accurately is incredible.

The setup is not for the faint of hearts. But with an expert like John doing the calibration, it was effortless. I highly recommend the Smyth Realiser and of course John for his in-house calibration and tuning services. There is no way I could get more than 10 percent of what he attained if I tried to do this myself.

Lon Goldstein