Offline Demos

Seamlessly Listen and Instantly Compare
Each of the Available Speaker Brands

These demos were designed to be played with your HD800 connected directly to your computer and or with any other headphone connected directly to your Realiser A16

Audacity audio editor (Free) Download Here

Audacity Demo Files:

HD800 Demos

Any Headphone Demos (must be used with Realiser A16)

* You may need to install FFmpeg. (Free)

Installing FFmpeg for Mac

Installing FFmpeg for Windows

USB Drivers for Realiser A16 Download Here

Once you’ve installed Audacity (and FFmpeg)… you are now ready for offline speaker brand comparison.

If you using HD800 Headphones… connect them directly to your computer and proceed to Step #3

For all headphones… Connect your Realiser to your computer via HDMI, SPDIF, or USB. and follow the Stereo Mix down Instructions found here and proceed to Step #2

Connect your Realiser to your computer via HDMI, SPDIF, or USB. Run Audacity… Choose the Realiser A16 as your Playback Device.

Run Audacity and open one of the appropriate downloaded offline demos. (Only open one file at a time)

Click “View” on the toolbar and choose “Mixer”

Click the “Solo” button on one of the Speaker Brand Demos, starting from the left:

Click the Green Play button (Top Left Corner)

Then click the individual solo buttons in the “Mixer” to instantly and seamlessly switch between speaker brands.


Seamless Audio Instructions
For Offline Listening
Through Realiser A16

For All Headphones

  1. Connect your computer to your A16 Realiser via HDMI, SPDIF, or USB
  2. On the Realiser: Enable “Stereo Mix Down” mode… instructions below
  3. Download Offline Demos
  4. Setup Audacity (instructions on next page)
  5. Enjoy!

* It is important that you load your personal HPEQ when listening through the Realiser A16

** This Feature Is Memory Intensive And Best Experienced On A Desktop.