The 3D Sound Shop is a passion project and the first online source for custom “Universal” and “In Person” PRIRs to be used exclusively with the A16 Smyth Realiser.

PRIR stands for Personalized Room Impulse Response… or the personalized transfer function of the room between the sound source and microphone. For the A16’s purpose, a PRIR file is a recorded representation of speakers in a listening room. This representation captures the sonic characteristics of the speakers as well as the speaker’s three dimensional location in correlation to the listener.

A “Universal” PRIR is created in a professional recording studio, using highly refined measurements and precise speaker placement, for the playback of multi-channel audio via the A16 Smyth Realiser. “Universal” PRIRs are designed for the A16 owner who does not have access to loudspeakers, the space or time to take their own measurements, or access to a recording studio for “In Person” PRIRs, etc. These PRIRs are reference quality and acoustically superior to average living rooms.

Absolutely! For this type of technology, try before you buy is a must. There are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Demos for each of the available speaker brands…

There’s only one way to find out… Give the online demos a try. 

Yes. Any headphone can be used with the “Universal” PRIRs. But for the best results, A high resolution option should be used. Smyth Research recommends both Sennheiser HD800S and Stax headphones.

To get the best results from the online demos… It may be necessary for you to close your eyes (face forward) and remain perfectly still during audio playback.

There are two different ways to experience the online demos.

  1. Plug your Sennheiser HD800s headphone directly to your computer and choose the HD800s version of the demos.
  2. Connect your computer directly to your A16 Realiser (USB/HDMI) and use any of your headphones/HPEQs. Instructions can be found here.

Yes. Using the manLOUD feature of the A16 can bring a “Universal” PRIR closer to the experience of an “In Person” PRIR.

* Learn more about this feature here: https://youtu.be/7srQsUuxpZ0

The 24 channel option is the better choice for (upgrade) compatibility and more channel options.

Some 16 channel Listening Room configurations also use the height channels (Lh, Rh, Lhr Rhr). The speakers are only available with 24 Channel PRIRs,

L, R, C, SW, Lsc, Rsc, Lw, Rw, Ls1, Rs1, Lss, Rss, Lrs1, Rrs1, Lb, Rb, Lh, Rh, Ltf, Rtf, Ltm, Rtm, Ltr, Rtr, Lhr, Rhr.

*Auro-3D compatible PRIRs also contain Lh, Rh, Ch, Lhs, Rhs, T, Lss, Rss, Lhs1, Rhs1.

* For 16 channel / 9.1.6 compatibility, Ltm and Rtm will be included with all 24 channel PRIRs.

Absolutely! Each speaker location was placed specifically to match both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X specifications.

Absolutely! Both our Omega 65 & 96 include all the necessary channels for a 13.1 Listening Room.

If for some reason you can not hear the localization of the speakers during the playback of the online demos… it may possible that you need to try a better pair of headphones… If all else fails, you would need to schedule an “In Person” PRIR session.

An “In Person” PRIR is for the user that is looking for the best possible audio experience from their A16. This PRIR is created in a professional recording studio, using highly refined measurements, precise speaker placement, and personalized in ear measurements. This process ensures that the measurements are captured the way “Your” ears hear sound.

* “In Person” PRIRs will only be done on weekends, and by appointment only.

This is something that has yet to be decided… But the KEF LS50 Meta is a very strong candidate.

The recording studio is 16x11x7.5… perfect for near field captures. The goal was to use a space just large enough to achieve a multi-channel, single listener experience… and just small enough (with the help of room correction) to eliminate the sound of the room. The room’s size allows for a complete Dolby Atmos experience… without compromising on any of the speaker location specs that Dolby requires.

Yes. If you’d prefer to use your own speakers to create an “In Person” PRIR… most bookshelf sized speakers can be used.

The “In Person” PRIRs are created in a professional recording studio conveniently located just 20 minutes from the Newark airport in New Jersey.

Both 15.1.8 Dolby Atmos Demos are available for each speaker brand, as well as Personalized Demos (HPEQ)… Because of these “try before you buy” features… Refunds are not possible.

All PRIRs are made to order… this process will take three to five business days.

All “Universal” PRIRs will be delivered via email.

Yes. Every PRIR is copyrighted and will be locked to an individual A16. The purchaser must provide a copy of their A16’s log file prior to receiving any “Universal” PRIRs.

In order to send your A16 log file… it must be compressed (Zipped) prior to uploading at checkout. Instructions for the file location can be found here: Click to open PDF.