In-Person PRIR

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23 Channel In-Person PRIR (12.1.10) Atmos/DTS:X
Optional Auro-3D Height Channels

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Things you will need to bring with you to your In-Person PRIR session:

  1. Your A16, power cord, remote, MicroSD card, and microphones *
  2. Your Favorite Headphones for HPEQ
  3. Dekoni Audio Gemini Series Bulletz 3mm (Sample Pack)
  4. Dress for a warm spring day… It gets warm in the studio. (AC turned on between measurements)
  5. Patience and a sense of humor.


* I will provide all other A16 accessories including a backup Realiser and microphones.

** In-person PRIR sessions are meant for and best experienced by those with average hearing. Unfortunately, an In-person PRIR cannot correct the hearing of those with any deficiency and or loss.