24 Channel (15.1.8) PRIR Multi-Pak




The 24 CHANNEL CUSTOM PRIR MULTI-PACK contains a 15.1.8 PRIR for each speaker brand.

Klipsch, Kali, Paradigm, KEF, JBL, Buchardt, Focal, Bowers & Wilkins, Genelec, and Dutch & Dutch… You get all of them!

Included Speaker Locations – L, R, C, SW, Lsc, Rsc, Lw, Rw, Ls1, Rs1, Lss, Rss, Lrs1, Rrs1, Lb, Rb, Lh, Rh, Ltf, Rtf, Ltm, Rtm, Ltr, Rtr, Lhr, Rhr.

* For 16 channel / 9.1.6 compatibility, Ltm and Rtm will be included with all 24 channel PRIRs.