5.1 / 7.1 Remapped PRIRs

Channel Remapping
I often get asked, as good as the 3DSoundShop PRIRs are… is there any way to squeeze any more performance/immersion out of them?

Well, after several months of tinkering… I am pleased to introduce Channel Remapping!!! An update to all of my existing PRIRs

What is Channel Remapping? It is the reassignment of specific channel angles and locations to meet the exact specifications of Dolby and DTS. *

What does this do? The remapping closes the gap of the rear channels… giving your listening room a more hemispherical sound. This will take the immersion level of all rear surround channels of your listening rooms to another level… It’s not subtle!

So what is included? This PRIR update will include six remapped channels, including two completely new speakers angles of ±150° for the ultimate in audio immersion… The “default” toremapped” locations can be seen in the animated images below.

How are the remapped channels used?  Click here for PDF tutorial.

5.1 Remapped Speaker Locations

7.1 (and above) Remapped Speaker Locations

*Default angles used according to Smyth recommendation (see manual)

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