Omega 96
Atmos & Auro-3D Listening Rooms

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* all audio is played back through a Sennheiser HD800 HPEQ

Omega 65 & 96

Compatible With All Formats
Atmos / DTS:X / Auro-3D

After many hundreds of hours in the recording studio… and countless PRIR measurements. It is my pleasure to introduce and offer my final studio PRIR… The Omega 65 & 96. These 35 Channel* PRIRs consist of all the features needed for a future-proof experience with the Realiser A16.

The 65 & 96 indicate the distances in inches from the speakers to the main listening position. Both versions were created in the same recording studio used for my earlier PRIRs. Several new techniques including miniDSP and advanced room correction were used to create PRIRs that meet the highest standards.

The 65 showcases my standard PRIR experience. Minimal reverb, crisp detail, and crystal clear audio. As a compliment, the 96 was made with the same exacting attention to detail. This PRIR gives the listener the same level of audio quality, but with a little more breathing room. For even more flexibility, the center channel of the 96 can be swapped with the 65 for more detailed dialogue while maintaining the slightly diffused soundstage of the larger space.

The bed layer of both PRIR versions were made using full-range tower speakers… the height and top channels are both made of matching bookshelf speakers. The PRIR’s layout is a laser assisted, perfectly symmetrical  12.1.10. All channels have been placed in the exact locations and specs required by Dolby, DTS, Auro-3D. No Remapping Required.

Happy Listening!

* 35 Channel PRIR includes:

23 Channels needed to build a 12.1.10 Listening Room. 

2 Remapped channels needed for legacy 5.1 

10 Proper Auro-3D Channels